Elm Class

Topic Webs We follow the children's interests but these are starting points which we will explore....

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Our Phonic Workshop

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How to pronounce  the letter sounds correctly

Shine Star Shine                 We had enormous fun performing to our grown ups and demonstrating how well we can sing and act.  Here are a few photos from the evening performance,  (December 2018)

Den Building  We love den building and are getting very good at it.  Our critical thinking is developing by the day! As well as our thinking and reasoning we are working on our physical development, negotiation skills and language. (November 2018)

A Day at the Beach.  We acquired a length of shiny silver foil and the children decided to have a day at the beach.  They swam in rubber rings and built a high dive platform (December 2018).

Our Assembly We were really thrilled to act out our assembly.   We celebrated the love our grown ups share  with us in the way they care for us in the mornings. Thank you for every one for all the support. . (November 2018)

Diary dates

Monday 16th April 2018 Term begins 

Friday   18th May  2018 Royal Wedding Stay and Play 

Friday   25th May 2018  Half Term starts

Here is information concerning the  Early Years Curriculum and ways in which parents can be involved and provide support.

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Class Newsletters 

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We walked to Asda ...on the way we looked for shapes, different types of buildings and what materials were used for construction.  We brought some delicious cookies. (February 2018)


Chinese New Year Stay and Play (February 2018) 


Easter themed Stay and Play (March 2018

Matron visited us .... (March 2018)

A real life Super hero visited us!!  (March 2018)