Eucalyptus Class  


Year 6 Residential - West Midlands Safari Park and Alton Castle September 2016

Word of the day: gluttonous - excessively greedy

Homework 10/03 - 15/03

Spellings 13/03 - 17/03

Tricks of the SPAG trade...

Click on the links below to find interactive SPaG games as well as help and support through some of grammars tricky bits!

Click to try some maths challenges.  Who can solve the problem first?

Answers and Explanations


Please leave your solutions, explanations and workings below to help others solve the word problems above...

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Sherbin(about a month ago)

OK, I'll have to check again.

Sherbin(a couple of months ago)

For 2 I did 150 x 14 = 2,100 Then I did 2,100 divided by 33.50 = 0.159 = 15 pence. The nearest penny was 20 Answer: 20!! Serbin: That's the incorrect answer I'm afraid. You're very close. Also, rounding to the nearest pence would mean 16p. Mrs Skidmore

Sherbin(a couple of months ago)

I did 275 divided by 2 which is half of the number. Answer: 137.5 Sherbin: I'm afraid your answer is incorrect. Can anyone help him? Mrs Skidmore

sophia mills(a couple of months ago)

Miss you all at St. Joseph's xxx

sophia mills(a couple of months ago)


Mrs Skidmore(less than a year ago)

Think about using the inverse operations in order to find the number David started with.

1) Mrs Jones prints books.  She charges 3p per page and 75p per cover.  Jon pays £4.35 for his book, including the cover.  How many pages are in his book?  Write the formula for the cost in pence.  t stands for total cost in pence and use n for the number of pages.


2) 2753 people go to a sports even.  Each person pays £2.30 for a ticket.  What is the total amount of the  ticket money collected? Programmes cost 65p each.  The total money from programme sales is £612.95. How many programmes are sold?

Which wife was King Henry VIII's best?


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Julienne Miro(a couple of months ago)

Love the website and I miss you all!

Julienne Miro(a couple of months ago)

Love the video miss you all xx

julia plywacz(less than a year ago)

I love the video. That is how we sound like some times in the christmas play :D

Julia(less than a year ago)

I love our website because it has a lot of information on it!!!!!!

Julia(less than a year ago)

I love the song we wrote about the Grunt and the Grouch :)

Julia Plywacz(less than a year ago)

I love our school website because we have lots of challenges to do and its very informative.

Lewis(about a year ago)

We had a lot of fun at school on St Patrick's Day we made cakes and milkshakes.

Milly(about a year ago)

2 of my friends go to this school

Guess who(about a year ago)

Love your website and your class stuff! Sounds like you have loads of fun! I'm a fan of your teacher too!!

Lewis(about a year ago)

Best website

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