Writing a structured class poem with the poet John Foster about Victorian life.









We have been learning about the essential nutrients and the function each of them have to ensure that we grow up to be healthy and strong.  We had great fun matching the nutrient to its function and then finding healthy food that would contain the nutrient identified.  





 Back to the Future

We are taking a trip back in time and investigating how

the Victorian technology and innovation, their daily life

health and eating.  

Victorian Canal

We will then explore and investigate what future travel may look like.

Future travel - STEM 

   Talking Homework 5th September

Climate Kids - Carbon

  Carbon Footprint


click on this links above to find out a bit more about carbon and how it is used in travel.

  • What is carbon? 
  • What is a carbon footprint?
  • Do flying cars exist? 


                                     Our library visits

Our class will be visiting Carterton library once every three weeks on a Thursday afternoon.

If you don't have a library card, then please take the form I gave you to the library and they will register you and give you a card. (Your parents/carers need to be with you to sign the form).





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Alicia Thomson(a couple of months ago)

Lovely class. Lovely teachers. Lovely school. Lovely friends :)

Dan(less than a year ago)

Great school/website

Darcy Shuker(less than a year ago)

I love the look of the website.

Imogen(less than a year ago)

Well done Mrs Henderson I love Oak's Web page


Oak have really enjoyed visiting the Library every three weeks.  We have come back to class and written book reviews which have been brilliant.  They have developed their understanding of what a good book review encapsulates. I have also noticed that the level of literature that they are reading has also increased, which is very pleasing indeed! Well done!


Victorian Dress up day

on Wednesday

18th October 2017

We had a fantastic time with Birch on Wednesday, discussing the Victorian era.  We discussed the life of Queen Victoria, life of the poor, dietary habits of the rich and poor, Victorian education and visiting the seaside during the era.  The questions that Birch asked were probing and clear.  The answers that Oak class gave were informed and detailed.  Well done to both classes and to everyone as all participated with great enthusiasm and a keen attitude to learn more. 







3rd and 4th TERM 2018

Please note we would greatly appreciate it if you would send your children's PE kit to school everyday with their trainers.  





Year 3 and 4 Spelling






Being SMART when we are online!

In our Computing lesson we talked about how to keep ourselves safe when we are online. We discussed the SMART rules and we have made a bookmark to help us remember them.

We discussed how important it is to TELL if we are unsure about ANYTHING.

Image result for smart rules


Asking Questions!

  • Why have some of the animals got bigger canine teeth?
  • Why has the dolphin got teeth which look all the same?
  • Are they incisors or are they different type of teeth?
  • Why have some animals got some missing gaps?
  • Why do animals have different shaped teeth?
  • Does the diet of an animal affect the type of teeth it has?  These are some of the questions we started to discuss and think about in our science lesson. What do you think?




 Problem solving


Problem solving involving money

The children have been working out different ways to make 30p. They have thought about the fewest/most coins they would need. They have also worked out how many coins they would need if all the coins were the same.

We took out 15 x 2pence pieces to show that it equals 30p. We discussed the relationship between each answer - could we use an answer from before to help us?