School Uniform


All children are expected to wear school uniform.  All items of uniform should be carefully marked with the name of the child.  Clothing can be obtained from your choice of supplier. Items with the school logo are available to order through PMG Schoolwear and are available to view and try on at school. 

Jewellery must not be worn.  Studs are permissible in pierced ears but must be removed for all physical education activities. In cases where ears have been recently pierced, they may be taped for the first six weeks. Children with long hair must have it tied up during physical education for safety reasons. Swimming hats must be worn for all swimming lessons. 

Personal items brought into school by a pupil remain the child’s responsibility, not the responsibility of staff. 

 School Uniform:   

  • Plain grey skirt, dress, trousers or shorts
  • White blouse/shirt, white polo shirt or red polo shirt
  • Plain red cardigan or pullover
  • School sweatshirt (optional)
  • School fleece (optional)
  • White, red or grey socks or tights
  • Black shoes
  • Red gingham check dress (Girls, summer)


  • White T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls
  • Outdoor wear and trainers – plain (any colour)
  • Swimming kit (if applicable) – fitted trunks (ie – not long/baggy shorts) / swimming costume, swimming hat and towel (bikinis are not acceptable for girls and boys should wear fitted trunks as the instructors need to be able to see leg movements fully).

Please try before you buy as name-tagged items can not be returned.

Samples are available at school.


After School Clubs


For a list of upcoming events and after school clubs, please click here.


Food at School

Food from home 

If your child will be bringing packed lunches into school please note that due to some children having SEVERE/FATAL ALLERGIES to nuts, it is requested that no nuts are brought into school.  Please bear in mind the following: 

  • If packaging states “may contain traces of peanut” or lists another nut specifically, these items are higher risk so please do not bring them into school.
  • If packaging states “may contain traces of nuts” but no nut is specified in this statement or listed as an ingredient then these items are allowed.
  • If any nut is listed as an ingredient, please do not bring this to school. 

Lunches and snacks are not permitted to include fizzy drinks or sweets.  The school wishes to support families in providing a balanced diet for their children, there is useful information for parents on Children’s Food Trust website.

Morning Break

Many children like to bring a snack to school to eat at morning break. All children in Key Stage One are provided with a free piece of fruit each morning through a government scheme. We strongly recommend that parents provide Key Stage Two children with a healthy snack for their break.                                                            

School Meals

A nutritious, freshly prepared hot meal is available to all children, every day.  School meals are provided by The School Lunch Company.  The menu is rotated on a three weekly basis and uses locally sourced ingredients where possible . Click here to see our current menu.

An application form for Free School Meals is available from the school office; if you think that you may be eligible please complete the form.  We ask parents to still complete this form even if entitled to a meal under the new government scheme Universal Free School Meals, due to additional funding that the school receives (Pupil Premium).  Eligibility criteria can be found on the Oxfordshire County Council Website.  If your child is entitled to Free School Meals then it is your responsibility to inform the school of any changes to your circumstances that may affect your eligibility.  Reviews will be undertaken six-monthly by the school.


School Meal Payment FAQs


How much are meals?

Lunches are £2.10 per meal per day

Does my child have to have a school meal every day?

No, you can pick any days of the week and you may change how many days and which days each week too.

When should I pay?

Payment must be made on a Monday morning, in advance of meals being taken. School staff are available from 8.45am to receive payments, or you can hand in an envelope to Breakfast Club.

If payments are being made via School Gateway, please note that payment is still required in advance of meals being taken.

Please mark envelopes clearly with children’s name and which days / period you are paying for.

Should I just pay for one week?

You can pay on a Monday for the week ahead or in advance to the end of the month.  Any meals paid for but not taken will be carried over and you can ask the school administrator to check your balance at any time.

How should I pay?

Cash, Cheque or via School Gateway. If payment is being made by cheque, please make payable to DBMAC.

How do you know what choice my child wants?

During registration the teachers will ask each child if they are having a school meal or packed lunch and will ask for a menu choice that morning.  For Foundation Stage Mr Iredale will ask parents to make choices weekly.