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OFSTED and Parent View

OFSTED and Parent View

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Date: Jan 14-15th 2020

Action points:

  1. The curriculum is not coherent or sequenced well in some of the foundation subjects. Leaders should ensure that the curriculum planning for all subjects sets out the knowledge that pupils should learn and when they should learn it, so that it is ambitious for all pupils, including those with SEND
  2. Teachers’ subject knowledge is not strong in all foundation subjects. This limits how well all pupils develop their knowledge and understanding. Leaders should ensure that teachers are confident and skilled in the content they are delivering
  3. Staff have variable pedagogical knowledge of the early years curriculum. Children do not learn well in all areas. They are not prepared well enough for Year 1. Leaders need to ensure themselves that teaching and learning in the early years improves. 
  4. Weaknesses in the school’s phonics programme have left some pupils unable to read as well as they could and should. Leaders should implement a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics. Leaders must ensure that staff receive appropriate training so that pupils learn to read effectively.


  1. Planning for the curriculum is sequenced and available on the website - all staff have access.  Planning for SEND children is good and ongoing targets are set by teachers are evaluated and updated during daily lessons.  The website now has intent statements for every subject with progressional learning pathways for each year group.  A new planning document is being used along with a new format for subject planning implemented in Sept 2020
  2. Teachers feel confident in teaching all subjects, and training needs have been identified – extensive training has been implemented in early years and all pupils are making accelerated progress; our pupils are prepared for Year 1. Science training and the new implementation of  a music programme has supported teachers in teaching music and science, monitoring has taken place of all subject areas prior to lockdown and teachers have good pedagogical knowledge and are using progressional frameworks to ensure pupils learn more, remember more and can do more.  We have achieved our Primary Science Quality Mark and are part of the History Association.  Training across the curriculum areas has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus but is set to return in the New Year.  School mentors are currently supporting an NQT and SCITT staff. We have 2 teachers currently undertaking their NPQML
  3. Support for teaching and learning continues to be embedded in EYFS – TAs have been on training with lead teacher to support embedding of good practice and utilising every learning opportunity, this will continue when school resumes as normal – distant learning pathways have been offered to all TAs.  EYFS lead and school leaders are working closely with OCC Early Years teams to ensure EYFS continues to be an effective, rich learning environment
  4. There has been a complete overhaul of the teaching and learning of phonics, team teaching has meant that there is now a consistent approach to teaching phonics, all children in KS1 have had phonics assessments and are now matched according to groups and taught systematically every morning with the teacher leading and teaching the less able.  Phonics resources have been sorted and a new area for them established in the corridor.  New teaching resources have been bought and a new system for teaching ‘movements’ and letter formation has been introduced.  Reading books are now organised into phonics stages and are matched to the ability of the child.  We have support from OCC EYFS lead to ensure consistency and to offer further advice.  We are an early adopter for the new EYFS Framework and ongoing training and support is offered through OCC.

OFSTED Parent Letter 2020

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