Scheme of Delegation


Board of Directors non-delegated responsibilities

Responsibilities delegated by the Board to the DBMAC Committees and officers ( DBMAC central team – DCT)

Responsibilities delegated by the Board to Principals

Responsibilities delegated by the Board to the Local Academy Committees (LAC)



Duty to uphold the MAC’s objects; responsible for preserving and developing the MAC’s Catholic character.


Overall responsibility for the quality of education and the educational performance of the academies and the performance management of staff


Legally responsible for all DBMAC academies; responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the MAC


Oversight of the financial performance of the MAC; ensure money is spent to produce optimum outcomes


To set, agree and challenge DBMAC wide strategies and policies



To lead, deliver , monitor and challenge implementation of the Board’s strategy throughout the DBMAC

(Each C’tee)

Operational (with strategic management at local level within the overall DBMAC strategy)


Responsible for the day to day management of the academy.


Implement the religious and educational character, mission and ethos of the academy.


To lead, manage, drive and deliver the implementation of DBMAC and in-school strategies within their school


To make strategic decisions at school level within overall DBMAC strategy


Lead on educational and financial performance of the school


Ensure money is well spent to produce optimum outcomes


Provision of advice to Academy Committee

Accountable to the Board with specific delegation for strategy, monitoring, oversight and challenge within their school and the provision of information to the Board


Recommend vision, Catholic ethos, and strategic direction for their school within the overall DBMAC strategy and local history, culture and traditions; ensure the spiritual well-being of pupils


Drive internal mechanisms and systems for securing and sustaining improvement to achieve outstanding provision, practice and the highest standards


Acts as a “critical friend” asking challenging questions and providing support to the Principal -hold the Principal to account for the educational and financial performance of the school


Oversee financial performance of the academy and ensure money is well spent to produce optimum outcomes


The AC representatives must consider any advice given by the Principal and/or Directors and must accept direction from the BDES.



Core purpose[i]

 To implement “the object”((AoA) – to advance education for public benefit by establishing, maintaining, carrying on, managing and developing Catholic schools offering a broad and balanced curriculum in accordance with the Code of Canon Law


Setting up a strategic framework: vision, values, aims and objectives for academies; policies and processes to achieve those aims and objectives.


Setting priorities for key areas for improvement which affect resourcing.


Setting targets for aims and objectives, utilising professional expertise where necessary.


Publish the agreed strategic framework to all schools within the company.


Sign off each school’s strategy (AO)


Communicate DBMAC mission and vision within schools(AO)


Support & monitor implementation of the strategy(C’tees, AO)


Support directors in setting educational & financial targets & holding schools to account for their delivery(AO,CFBO)


Develop a protocol to ensure clarity of communication between DCT, AC & Principals (Each C’tee)

Use the DBMAC strategic framework to develop, propose & implement a school strategy. Determine key priorities and KPIs by which progress towards achievement can be measured.


Manage & maintain the school ethos and aims including Catholic life, health & safety arrangements, safeguarding arrangements, implementation of curriculum plans, arrangements for teaching and learning, culture and traditions of the academy, communications and relationships with parents, relationships with other local schools, agencies and businesses and the wider neighbourhood community.


Provision of feedback and evidence to AC and Directors on the impact and effectiveness of the aims, objectives, policies and targets.


Propose & support development of the DBMAC strategy in the school context; support the Principal to determine KPIs.


Realise the DBMAC mission in the local context


Direct & monitor the school ethos and aims


Ensure that concerns are escalated to the Board


Provide evaluative feedback and supply evidence to Directors on the impact and effectiveness of Company and Academy aims, objectives, policies, targets and plans

Improvement Plan (ii)

Agree DBMAC Improvement plan including actions for each strategic objective, targets, milestones and how progress will be monitored, utilising professional expertise where necessary


Approve high level summary of changes required to implement Action Plan – budget changes, resources, training


The   right to take any necessary actions where it feels there is cause for concern within a school


Develop, propose & gain approval from the Board on the implementation of the DBMAC Improvement plan(AO)


Challenge & agree each school’s individual improvement plan(AO)


Monitor & challenge schools through the annual target setting/school improvement plan cycle(AO)


Review outcomes of school improvement plan to feed into new school plan & initiatives in conjunction with the acad C’tee (AO)


Develop, propose and gain agreement for SIP at local and Board level


Drive, deliver and review SIP within framework set by Directors

Challenge and support the Principal during the development of the SIP


Monitor and challenge outcomes of the SIP with support of the AO


Take a strategic view of MAC wide resources and liaise with DfE, EFA, BDES and Ministers as appropriate


Responsible for arranging for disposal and acquisition of land

Provide strategic, financial, HR, and premises advice on issues affecting DBMAC as a whole e.g. policies, contracts of employment (CFBO, HR Mgr, Ops Mgr)


Procure MAC wide resources that will improve outcomes for pupils (CFBO,Purcg Mgr)


Procure resources up to the level set by AO in DBMAC academy finance manual


Follow procurement processes required by academy finance manual and procedures and DBMAC procurement manual


Day to day management of staff: deploys, manages and leads all teaching staff and non-teaching staff ( except School Business/Admin Mgr who reports to CFBO)


Make best value judgements on local procurement proposals

Risk Management

Approve risk management and strategy for DBMAC.

Review Risk register for DBMAC


Review school level risk registers for issues with DBMAC wide impact.


Ensure financial risk management policy is embedded in academies


Ensure that appropriate Risk Registers have been developed by each Academy including procedures for safeguarding funds( Audit C’tee, CFBO)

Prepare and update school level risk register


Forward updates of school level risk register to CFBO and Governance   Manager

Support Principal in drawing up a risk register as per pro forma


Review risk register on a termly basis ( 3 terms)


Responsible for ensuring that Director vacancies are filled using annual skills audit for determining skills gaps


Oversight of governance arrangements. To consider whether or not to exercise delegation of functions to individuals or committees.


To approve remit and composition of Committees


Appoint MAC Directors with specific responsibilities for SEND, Safeguarding, Prevent, H&S, statutory grants eg Pupil Premium and Sports Premium, Financial matters


Ensure new Directors sign the Deed of Adherence for BDES and the Code of Practice


Responsible for conducting robust examination of practice and precise self-evaluation as a corporate body as a tool to drive improvement, policy, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and review.

Keep   and publish Register of Directors, appointment details, attendance record, business and governance interests (Co Sec)


To inform DfE re Directors appointments and terminations via Edubase, and to inform BDES (Co Sec


To inform Companies House re Directors appointment, significant control and terminations and to file annual statement (Co Sec)


Terms of Reference for sub-committees for board review (Co Sec)


Terms of Reference for senior Executive leader for board review ( FRS C’tee)


Role descriptions for MAC Directors, Chair, Committee Members (FRS C’tee)


Policy development for board approval (Each C’tee)


Publish Governance details of MAC and each academy ( Co Sec)


Update Edubase as required by DfE

Appoint (and remove) Clerk to the Academy Committee


Keep and publish on academy website, Register of Academy Representatives, appointment details, attendance records, business and governance interests


To monitor flow of information about AC Reps’ appointments and terminations to DfE  via Edubase and to inform BDES


Elect Chair, Vice-Chair and Reps with responsibility for SEND, Safeguarding, Prevent, H&S, Pupil Premium and Sports Premium, finance.


Ensure new Reps sign the Deed of Adherence and submit to BDES, and the Code of Practice to Governance Mgr


Membership shall not be less than 12. See SoD for school. Recruit Academy Representatives with reference to gaps identified in the annual Skills Audit


Responsible for conducting robust examination of practice and precise self-evaluation as a corporate body as a tool to drive improvement, policy, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and review.



Develop and implement methods to establish effective communications with all stakeholders, especially Principals and Academy Committees.


Develop and maintain website for the MAC

Ensure statutory requirements for information to be published on DBMAC website including details of governance arrangements are met






Consider, develop and implement methods of communication across the company ( Each C’tee)



Monitor schools’ websites and report to Board (Audit C’tee)

Draft and publish a complaints procedure and monitor reports (Audit C’tee)





Ensure statutory requirements for information to be published on websites are met

Adopt the Complaints Policy; provide termly reports of formal complaints to Board


Monitor status of websites


Strengthen the voice of the local Catholic community; work with them and support them as they contribute to the religious, spiritual, moral, social and cultural formation of pupils


Establish and develop pupil, parent and staff voice; monitor and report issues to Directors


Implement method for receiving and reacting to feedback from pupils, parents and staff.


Contribute ideas to improve communications across the company



An aspect of the vision: ensure that appropriate systems in place

Develop systems and processes to ensure that collaboration to share best practice is in place (Each C’tee)

Identify best practice for all key activities, participate and elaborate on best practice in Committees and ad hoc groups.


Contribute ideas for sharing and promoting best practice.

Seek out best practice from the academy and ensure that it is minuted and communicated to the DBMAC


Build parent and Parish commitment to the academy; develop relationships with parents to work with and support them in their role as primary educators of their children



Standards & outcomes


Responsible for the performance and overall outcomes of DBMAC and the schools within it


Publish an annual DBMAC achievement report covering all the schools within the MAC.

Monitor & challenge student attainment, progress & school remedial action(AO, acad C’tee)


Monitor & challenge the attainment & progress of vulnerable groups & ensure that they are sufficiently extended and supported in their learning(AO, acad C’tee)






Responsible for teaching standards – evaluates teaching and learning and ensures proper standards of professional performance are established and maintained.

Responsible for ensuring that pupils achieve  the agreed DBMAC expectation of progress within their school


Track & analyse student attainment & progress reporting key headlines to AO & AC


Develop appropriate interventions as necessary to ensure that all pupils make at least the expected progress


Monitor all student attainment & progress including the vulnerable groups


Monitor delivery of expected progress in the local school context.


To oversee DBMAC forecasts and target setting procedures, comment and challenge

Monitor school tracking procedures to ensure that data is robust and secure (acad C’tee)


Set and monitor minimum/maximum attainment and progress targets for each school(AO) with the support of professional advice where necessary


Determine tools, including appropriate training for tracking data and carrying out analysis(acad C’tee)


Set and clearly communicate criteria for school predictions and target setting in conjunction with Principals(AO)


Monitor and challenge progress towards the achievement of targets and take appropriate action when vulnerabilities are identified by any part of the DBMAC C’tees)


Provide appropriate challenge mechanisms for failure at any level of the MAC(C’tees)


Review Data on impact of Pupil Premium and Sports Premium funding and take action to address issues      ( acad C’tee)

Drive and deliver school improvement by using school tracking procedures


Ensure data is robust and secure through termly pupil progress meetings


Within the context of DBMAC targets, propose minimum/maximum pupil attainment and progress targets for the school and report to AO



Monitor progress towards the achievement of target, report figures to AC and DBMAC and take swift action where vulnerabilities are identified





















Ensure effective deployment of PP and SP funding, monitor and report on impact to AC



Receive and challenge reports on school targets and termly tracking reports, communicating concerns to Principal and AO and escalating to the Directors where necessary





























Appoint Rep for statutory grants including PP & SP ; monitor impact and report to the Board


Responsible for ensuring PP information is published on website


See v

To oversee the quality of teaching & learning across DBMAC schools and comment and challenge

Maintain and continually improve the quality of teaching and learning across DBMAC schools by monitoring, challenging and remediating practice as well as identifying relevant opportunities for continual professional development(acad c’tee)


Share MAC wide good practice(C’tees)

Maintain and continually improve the quality of teaching and learning in their school


Responsible for supporting under performing teachers



Share good practice within the school and across the DBMAC


Identify areas for improvement and liaise with AO to improve them


Oversee the quality of teaching & learning within the school and communicate concerns to Principal and AO, escalating to the Directors where necessary


Challenge both the Principal and the AO on delivery of improvements, training and remediation of concerns


See vi

Set strategic curriculum structure for the DBMAC

Propose and gain Directors’ agreement on changes to the curriculum structure (acad C’tee)


Implement strategic policy of the DBMAC (acad C’tee)


Agree to and monitor trust wide curriculum structures and support provision within local school contexts (acad C’tee)


Secondary: Develop a strategy for careers advice and guidance ( acad C’tee)

Comply with AO curriculum structures in developing individual school curricula and communicate school level plan to AO


Secondary Principal: to provide clear advice, informed by statutory guidance to inform a strategy for careers advice and guidance

Oversee school curriculum structures and support and challenge Principal and AO when discussing changes and individual plans


(see 4.2.8)

To overview monitoring and performance of DBMAC schools, comment and   challenge; ensure that  a  policy exists for a scheduled approach to monitoring, evaluation and review,  that reports successes and areas for improvement

Monitor and challenge the outcomes of school’s self evaluation and make recommendations for improvement(AO)


Monitor and challenge outcomes of Principals’ reports and initiate appropriate action in response to them(AO)


Set and monitor DBMAC target for school OFSTED gradings (AO)


Provide clear communication of targets, challenges and respond quickly when needing to resolve issues(AO)

Publish school self evaluation and act on MAC recommendations for improvement


Publish a minimum of 3 Principal reports ( each full term) for discussion at Board and AC level


Act and deliver on inspection recommendations within correct timescale

Receive and challenge school self evaluation reporting any concerns to the Principal, AO and then Board


Receive and feedback on the Principal’s report, reporting any concerns to the Principal , then the AO, then the Board



Implement a rigorous policy for assessment of learning, developmental marking, pupil-progress tracking, sharply focused target setting which respects and meets the needs of all pupils.


Determine a MAC wide SEND policy

Sets SEND policy ( acad C’tee)


Monitors SEND implementation ( acad C’tee)

Appoints qualified SENCO


Responsible for implementation of SEND policies in line with statutory requirements.


Publish annual SEN Information Report

 ( ref. Special Educational Needs and Disability Regs 2014)


Appoint AC Rep with responsibility for SEND


Oversight of implementation of policy and compliance with legal requirements relating to disability


Monitors performance of SEND students


Approves SEND Information Report




Adopt a MAC wide policy that incorporates an exclusions policy.


Review use of exclusions across the MAC and investigate inconsistencies


Exclude pupils for fixed term or permanently as appropriate


Provision of information for appeals panel within statutory limits



Convene Committee to review exclusion of any pupil within statutory limits (Chair); makes final decision.


Review overall pattern of exclusions and report to Board


Admissions authority for each academy; approve policy framework


Take decision to expand with regard to views of AC, Principal and written consent of BDES

Set admissions policy; set guiding principles for fair access and in year placement protocols

 ( acad C’tee)





Provide advice to AC on requirements under the School Admissions Code and the School Admissions Appeal Code.


Notify AC re incoming applications.


Ensure effective arrangements are in place for pupil recruitment


Undertake consultation, publish and determine admission arrangements


Appoint Admissions Sub-Committee to consider all applications and decide on offers of places; notify parents, organise Appeal hearings.


Monitor fair access in line with guiding principles



Monitor exclusions across the DBMAC (acad C’tee)

Ensure statutory compliance with regard to staffing/admissions/discipline/exclusions /appeals/H&S/AC/PP etc


Report panel decisions to AO


Comply with admissions policy and timelines

Assist the Principal with regard to statutory compliance by convening disciplinary, admissions and exclusion hearings and reports


Report panel decisions to head teacher and AO

Catholic Life

Education and religious formation of pupils and students, their spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth


Succession planning policy and practice that grows future leaders for Catholic schools

Promote the development and sharing of best practice (Catholicity C’tee)


Promote innovative ideas with regard to the religious, spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth of the MAC’s pupils and students (Catholicity C’tee)

Monitor Catholic life, collective worship and RE teaching and learning and report appropriately.


Ensure compliance with Section 48 recommendations.


Religious education in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church to be taught as a core subject and integrated into other curriculum areas


Religious worship is to be in accordance with the rites, practices, discipline and norms of the Catholic Church; ensure that provision is made for all pupils to take part in a daily act of collective worship


Promotion of qualititative targets of core values: Faithfulness and integrity; Dignity and compassion; Humility and gentleness; Truth and justice; Forgiveness and mercy; Purity and holiness

The principle of community cohesion: academies must look outwards and work in informal partnership with other schools in the community to enhance the quality of education provided for all pupils.


Responsible for the welfare and safeguarding of all pupils and staff.


Elect Director to have oversight of Safeguarding matters.


Approve safeguarding & child protection policies and relevant procedures including incorporation of those outlined in the Prevent duty into the Child Protection Policy.


Adopt MAC wide Policy regarding school trips.


Ensure up to date training is provided and one Director on every recruitment panel has completed safer recruitment training.


Monitor safeguarding practice across the MAC and take appropriate action where necessary.

Monitor the reports from LACs on updating to the SCR and take action if necessary(Audit C’tee)


Draft & update safeguarding policies and signpost training programmes, then communicate these to Principals and ACs (AO, acad C’tee)


Monitor schools are dealing with issues appropriately and provide support to Principals , LAC and designated safeguarding leads.(AO)

Conduct or commission annual safeguarding audits, report findings to Directors (Audit C’tee) and direct support/remediation (AO)


Analyse trends and concerns across the DBMAC, report to Directors ,andLAC Chairs (Audit C’tee) . Direct support/remediation (AO)


Deal with allegations against Principals and report to Safeguarding Director (AO)

Establish & maintain single central record (SCR) of recruitment and vetting checks


Principal & other recruiting staff must complete and update safer recruitment training


The Principal must ensure the school complies with the safeguarding policies and report all serious incidents to the Board using the DBMAC process, AO, social care or OSCB as appropriate


Report incidents, trends, referral frequency and training needs to AO, Curriculum & Standards Committee and ACs


Appoint a designated teacher for Safeguarding and a designated teacher to support Looked After Children and ensure role is compliant with statutory guidance; report to AC


Provide rapid response support for staff allegations


Responsible for referrals for children at risk outside school environment


Report to AC on pupil attendance and absence



Appoint an AC Rep with responsibilities for Safeguarding.


Receive reports from Principal on status of SCR and escalate concerns to AO if appropriate


Members of AC involved in recruitment must undertake safer recruitment training


In the event of an allegation made against the Principal the Chair of the LAC must receive and notify to AO to resolve


Receive & feedback on safeguarding reports from DSL escalating concerns to the Principal or AO.


Review and maintain Safeguarding & Child Protection policy.


Monitor reports on Looked After Children, escalating concerns to the Board

Health & Safety

Accountable for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all


Elect Director to be responsible for oversight of H&S


Ensure H&S Policy, procedures and processes are in place and annually reviewed



Review results of Health and Safety reviews (outsourced) for each school and across the MAC

Report Riddor incidents to HSE and Directors (Ops Mgr)


Draft H&S Policy and associated policies ( Ops Mgr)


Monitor the implementation of H&S action plans across the academies ( Audit C’tee)

Maintain safe environment within school, ensure that H&S regulations are implemented and complied with.


Review security of premises and equipment.


Report any Riddor incidents to Central team (Operations Manager)


Support annual review of H&S by external advisor, send copy of external report to Operations Manager, CFBO, and Gov Mgr.

Implement recommendations of external Health & Safety review.


Monitor Accident book and agree appropriate actions with the AC.


Ensure suitable Risk Assessments are prepared and appropriate actions are taken.


Liaise with AC and MAC on accessibility plans.

Appoint an AC Rep. with responsibilities for H&S.


Monitors compliance with H&S policies and statutory obligations.


Monitor implementation of H&S review requirements and reports on progress.


Raise concerns with Principal and escalate to Operations Manager & CFBO, and then Board in event of concerns not being addressed


Maintenance of buildings and facilities, always having regard to the safety of users and the legal responsibilities of the company as tenants to the owners


Ensures emergency procedures are in place








Appoint (and remove) the AO, supporting him/her in recruitment of other senior DCT posts


Appoint (and remove) all Principals. Notify any vacancy for a Principal to the Director of Education of the Diocesan Education service

Ensure that recruitment practice is consistent with the requirements of the Scheme of Delegation regarding appointment to key posts identified within the SoD




Recruit and appoint ( and remove) Directors other than Foundation Director to fill skills gaps identified in annual skills audit


Appoint ( and remove) the CFO, Company Secretary and Clerk to the Directors

See Finance section


Recruit Principals (supported by Chair and other members of LAC) (FRS C’tee/HR Mgr)


Ensure that job descriptions and evaluations are applied consistently across the DBMAC ( HR Mgr)

Draws up staffing plan


Recruit all school staff, involving the AC in recruitment to all key posts as described in the detailed SoD

 ( See vi)


Follow guidance issued by DCT regarding job descriptions and evaluations


Follow the requirements of the scheme of delegation regarding appointment to key posts identified within the SoD


NB: Nobody within the organisation-including- Principals- is permitted to take action which is contrary to that provided by our external advisers, without the direct authorisation of the FRS Committee of the Directors. The Board of Directors would bear legal responsibility for such a decision



Approves the proportion of the overall budget to be spent on staff


Support the Principal in recruitment to key posts


At the request of the Principal , support the recruitment of staff to other posts


Work with the AO in the recruitment of school Principal


Recruit Academy Representatives to fill skills gaps identified by annual skills audit

HR: Training

Directors to conduct annual skills audit, identify their training needs and ensure knowledge is current and updated


Identify DBMAC training needs & ensure knowledge is current and updated (Each C’tee)


Provide clear guidance around minimum requirements for experience/ training for LACs (FRS C’tee)


Co-ordinate CPD programmes across the MAC where feasible(FRS C’tee./HR Mgr)

Identify training needs for self and staff, evaluate and feed back to AO and AC on efficacy of CPD and education programmes

Identify own training needs


Review depth and balance of school CPD


Performance Management

Setting pay, conditions and performance management arrangements for all staff across the DBMAC


Manage performance of AO – setting and approving annual targets


Appoint advisor to support AO in performance management and agree key objectives for performance management of Principals with advisor


Approve policies on performance management, capability and disciplinary for DBMAC



Set policy for provision and opportunities for leadership formation and management development


To propose performance management, capability and disciplinary policies for the DBMAC (FRS C’tee)


Review and approve outcomes of AO, Principals and staff performance management or panel meetings ( Pay C’tee)


Communicate policies in a timely fashion, provide clear mechanisms for review processes and challenge (FRS C’tee)



Ensure all staff are performance managed or appraised


Comply with employment law requirements


Comply with DBMAC pay performance management and disciplinary policies



Overview outcomes of staff performance management and report to AO via DBMAC HR Officer and AC


Makes performance-related pay recommendations following teacher appraisals

With AO, and external adviser appointed by Directors, performance manage Principal


Propose HT pay and increments


Assist the Principal by convening disciplinary and grievance panels


Received anonymised overview of staff performance management outcomes and approve their pay recommendation


Hear appeals regarding performance related pay


Union recognition


Approve trust wide policy on trade union recognition

Undertake negotiations with trade unions over issues that have MAC wide implications (CFBO)

To undertake negotiations with local trades unions, unless such matters have a bearing on the MAC more widely

Support Principal in industrial relations as requested






Annual approval of budgets (MAC-wide)


Insurance of land, buildings, public liability


Subject to the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, every Academy Rep or other officer or auditor of the company shall be indemnified against any liability incurred by him in that capacity in defending any proceedings whether civil or criminal in which judgment is given in favour or he is acquitted or relief granted by the court from liability for negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust in relation to the affairs of the company

Prepare framework for school budget setting process (CFBO)


Prepare annual budget for each school and consolidate (CFBO)


Review annual budget for each school (FRS C’tee)


Approve annually, school staffing structure proposals (FRS C’tee)


Monitor schools against budget and address variances quickly with Principal


Consider proposals to generate business income/extended school agenda (FRS C’tee)

Work with support of CFBO’s team to develop school’s budget within DBMAC framework


Seek AC AND AO approval for expenditure out of approved budget.

(See viii)

Review staffing structure for efficiency and affordability

Responsible for managing and expending all monies received from the DBMAC and providing information as often and is such a format as Directors shall reasonably require.


Responsible for ensuring proper procedures for safeguarding funds



Approve school budget for submission to CFBO within required timescales


Gain FRS Committee approval for expenditure out of approved school budget


Propose and approve staff structure for submission to CFBO


Use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the terms of the insurance policy are not breached and inform CFBO if an event which will/may give rise to a breach /claim


Activities to generate business income/extended schools agenda may only be undertaken with Board approval ( re: threats to funding/taxation issues)













 Ensure effective               financial management          of the DBMAC


Set delegated levels of authority






Ensure compliance with relevant legislation with regard to procurement and award of contracts

Publish and communicate DBMAC Finance Manual and monitor financial procedures across DBMAC

Monitor and challenge progress towards financial targets (FRS C’tee)


Provide monthly budget monitoring to Principal and AC (CFBO)


Comply with relevant legislation with regard to procurement and award of contracts. Need to update to be consistent with the finance manua

( Purchasing Mgr)


Comply with the requirements of the DBMAC financial manual and supporting procedures


Meet financial targets and report financial vulnerabilities to AO and CFBO


Ensure delivery of approved budget or better.



















Determine building and funding priorities.


Approve capital expenditure plan for MAC


Approve overall strategic plan for capital expenditure taking in to account strategic plans for each school


Overall responsibility for maintenance of buildings and facilities

Draw up and obtain approval for capital expenditure priorities across DBMAC (CFBO)


Develop & monitor condition survey & develop 5 year Estate Management strategy for each site to identify suitability of buildings in the light of long term curriculum needs and the need for the availability of capital investment to meet LAC responsibilities to ensure a good standard of maintenance (FRS C’tee)

Develop a building strategy for the site and ensure proposals for capital expenditure gain required approval


 Responsible for ensuring the academy is compliant with all relevant regulations and legislation; responsible for retention of evidence to show all necessary tests and maintenance has been undertaken

Be aware of buildings survey/strategy and

support and Principal to develop school site


Work with CFBO and MAC Directors to develop the 5 year Estate Management strategy


Monitor school’s compliance with relevant legislative requirements




Responsibility for ensuring that legislative requirements on Data Protection are implemented.

DBMAC ICT strategy development ( ICT Working Group) and approval (Audit C’tee,acad C’tee,)


IT related policies to be drafted ( ICT Mgr) for approval (Audit C’tee)


Responsibility for IT related contracts including IT technical time to ensure VfM ( ICT Mgr, Procurement Mgr). Approval of proposals from Principals for the purchase of all software and IT services plus hardware over the value of £500


Responsibility for ensuring legality of product  licensing records



Responsible for implementing DBMAC ICT policies within school








Responsible for obtaining approval for purchase of hardware over the value of £500 and for all software purchases and IT services/technical time to ensure VfM. Schools to be responsible for funding IT technical time.






Liaison with central DBMAC on auditing and record keeping


Responsible for maintaining asset register of all IT equipment to include condition, location, serial number and value








Responsible for putting in place a process for an independent checking of controls in all DBMAC schools e.g safeguarding, internal audit (finance), conditions surveys, health & safety, school food standards etc


Responsible for maintaining clear lines of communication between AC Chairs and Directors

Put in place arrangements for compliance audits identified by the Directors (Audit C’tee, CFBO)


Ensure both Directors and ACs receive results of audits and other assurance work ( Audit C’tee)

Ensure that there are controls in place so that the school meets compliance requirements


Support auditors and other forms of compliance assurance

Oversee status of recommended actions following audit or inspection, communicating any concerns to Principal  or AO

 Compliance ix

Responsibility for observance of and compliance with all regulatory and legal matters.


Approve statutory & mandatory policies and contracts (HR, finance, H&S etc)


Ensure compliance with statutory requirements throughout the DBMAC


Ensure that officers deliver policies (and updates to policies) in a timely manner

Draft statutory/mandatory policies/contracts for approval by Directors(C’tees, AO,CFBO, HR Mgr, Ops Mgr, Gov Mgr)


Hold and disseminate statutory/mandatory and good practice policies (Gov Mgr)


Hold contracts (HR Mgr)


Monitor statutory compliance (Audit C’tee)

Develop non statutory policies & gain agreement from AC and DBMAC


Comply with DBMAC policies and assist with provision of information for DBMAC audits


Discuss curriculum proposals and changes with AO and AC.


Comply with Directors’ requirements for actions necessary to ensure the company is meeting its legal requirements

Receive and adopt formally DBMAC policies


Ensure DBMAC policies are implemented within the school


Ensure school procedures are aligned to DBMAC policies



Nb: see Finance: Premises




Have a clear complaints policy and procedure that is communicated to all parties Audit C’tee)


Ensure that clear communication, conflict of interest reviews and transparency are core to any complaints procedure.

Resolve or escalate complaints in line with the DBMAC complaints policy (Gov Mgr)

Resolve or escalate complaints in line with the DBMAC complaints policy as adopted by the school

Resolve or escalate complaints in line with the DBMAC complaints policy as adopted by the school


Approve policy on expenses for Directors and Representatives


Set dates of terms and holidays, ensuring that each is open to pupils for 380 sessions.


Responsible for ensuring legislative requirements on Freedom of Information are implemented.


Set and publish annual cycle of DBMAC Committee meetings by mid summer term ( Gov Mgr)





Responsibility for developing policy and procedures to meet requirements of Freedom of Information legislation (Gov Mgr)

Publish times of school sessions and dates of school terms


Maintain website and keep up to date with required information


Implement policies and procedures in relation to Data Protection and FOI

Set and publish annual cycle of Academy Committee meetings prior to September


Oversight of website compliance


Implementation of DP, FOI policies


Manage the work of the Clerk( Chair and C’tee Chairs)





 I Reference SOD SGG 4.2.1

ii Reference SOD SGG 4.2.3 and 4.2.5

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vii SOD SGG Appendix C Diocesan policy on Catholic character 3.f.3

viiiAs above: key posts include Principal, Vice Principal (or Head teacher/deputy head teacher) any head of religious education/religious education subject leader(s) and or any chaplains

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