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Home Learning - COVID 19 Lockdown additional resources and Information

Welcome to our Home Learning Page - check back for updates and support for helping you to help your children...

This page on our website is here to offer practical tips, some useful web links and further information.  We are using Google Classrooms as our main learning platform.

I do hope you are all holding up and staying safe in these difficult times.  I just wanted to remind you that working from home and working in school, which is a very social environment, is so very different - I know you know this so please don't worry about getting all of the work completed.  This is new to all of us, as teachers we want to ensure that your child is receiving the education they deserve and as parents, you will feel the same. Please do not try to copy the routines of school, for most, this won't work - school as we currently know and understand it - is out!

Instead, spend time doing things as a family - things like cooking, baking, colouring, reading. Find fun things to do in the garden, if you are lucky enough to have one.  If not, take a walk in the countryside  - get your child to look at the wildlife around them, the plants that are growing - make a scrap book of spring.  Look at the live cameras in zoos and wildlife parks, get them to choose an animal - do a project on that, what can they find out about the animal - where did it originate from, look these things up on maps online, find out about those countries and other animals that live there. 

Get children to start a diary (or video diary) about their experiences, feelings and emotions during this time - write poetry or letters to loved ones ready to give to them when this is all over.  This will help with their wellbeing (I have started to write too, it does help).  

Get them to invent - look at a particular object - a mobile telephone for example - trace the history map it on a timeline - what do they think telephones would look like in another 5, 10 or 15 years - what could they do? (this could be done for anything, cars and transport, homes, hospitals etc - I heard on the news the other day that the mantle piece in our home has history - it was used to show the particular status of people depending on what they had on it - go figure?  I never knew that!)

If you need any resources from school - please email the office and I can arrange a 'pick up' point.  We have exercise books, pens, atlases, IT equipment, whiteboards etc.  If you need anything specific to support your child - just ask and we will try to organise it so that you can collect safely. 

Please, please, please - follow the government guidelines, particularly about social distancing and staying at home - ensure that you and your child fully understands the rules and maintain distances and hygiene so that we can all do our part in saving lives.

Stay Safe!


Useful websites- January 2021 

Check out BBC Bitesize for home learning activities daily

 Joe Wicks kids workouts - joe wicks children's workout youtube

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how life in isolation is very similar to what it is like in space. Work together in your home as a 'crew' to make it through this!


We have had a lovely Spring Poem sent to us today.

Written by Izzy, it has made my day!

January Lockdown... School Life and resources for home!

Please click here for our Remote Teaching and Learning Provision, this will give an outline of what provision we are offering for remote learning during self-isolation and in the case of another lockdown.

Please click here for our parent and pupil protocol for online learning.

Resources for parents of children with SEND

The Government have worked with a range of other organisations to create extra resources for parents of children with SEND:

Curriculum materials are also available:

A brand new book about the Coronavirus from the illustrator of 'The Gruffalo', explaining what 'it' is and what is happening around the world.

Commando Joes

Commando Joes is a fantastic resource used in school to support pupils in problem solving, resilience and team work.  They offer packages and 'Secret Missions' for you at home - just follow the link to find out more.


Access the website for some great ideas on how to cook some tasty lunches for around £15 per week - they also have 3 weeks' worth of recipes!


Parent online learning questionnaire Jan 2021

Lockdown fun in the snow and some absolutely beautiful writing from Maple Class! Can you guess who the adult is doing the snow angel?

Home learning approaches - a useful document for teachers and parents!  Produced by the Education Endowment Foundation

Get into Nature this winter.  This BBC site is wonderful and full of lovely activities and videos as well as live cameras - please check it out!

BBC Winterwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch - sign up here

Big Schools Birdwatch

Free Access to online bedtime stories from Sooperbooks

Use this coupon code: XD34HD456

Reading at home!  Helpful tips...

We know reading regularly with children can make a massive difference to their progress. But it isn’t always easy to fit it in day-to-day. Here are some easy ways you can make reading a part of every day:
1. Don’t worry about how long you read for. Every minute spent reading makes a bigger difference than you realise!
2. Don’t worry about what your kids are reading: recipes, cereal packets, Argos catalogues… It’s all useful! Keep books and other reading materials close by.
3. Reading to kids of all ages is helpful. If your little one isn’t reading by themselves yet, read with them.
4. Ask lots of questions: Who, what, where, when and why and ask them to summarise when you’ve finished.

Oxford Owl has a free eBook library - check them out here:

Home Learning going well with a mixture of live online lessons, learning apps and work set on Google Classroom. As you can see, some pupils are getting help (or is that hindrance.....) from their furry friends!!!!

We would love to put your pictures, work and activities on our page - email them to Mrs Cross or Mrs Smith via:


Today in school we joined in the celebration of Epiphany in a Mass with Archbishop Bernard streaming live from St Chad's .

Archbishop Bernard blessed the chalk during Mass so that we could write the New Year blessing over our doorways.

May Christ bless your dwelling place,

and remain with you throughout the new year. Amen.

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