We have been awarded the Gold School Games Mark for the third year running!

Our school is following the 'Rising Stars' progression framework and we have completed them in below for the Autumn 1 term.  We will update this as we progress through the year.

Whole School Overview 2019-20  (please come back for termly updates)

Curriculum Intent

Our pupil's God given talents are given opportunities to emerge, grow and develop through our rich and varied curriculum at St Joseph's.  

It is important to us that each child is able to reach their potential and recognise their strengths and weaknesses through a curriculum that is able to build on their faith and knowledge and understanding of the world as well as developing key skills in Mathematics, English and Science.  

Our pupils come from a range of cultural and spiritual backgrounds including belonging to forces families and we embrace and use this diversity and knowledge to further develop curriculum opportunities.  

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, we will engage and inspire pupils with a relevant, inclusive and memorable curriculum that makes learning irresistible. We will ignite children's curiosity, instilling a passion for lifelong learning. We use high quality literature to inspire teaching and learning opportunities

We strive for all pupils to develop resilience and perseverance, challenging and supporting children to aim high. The curriculum will cover specific key areas of knowledge, skills and understanding within and across different subjects so it is focused and concise. Children will be encouraged to delve deeper into their learning, building on skills progressively each year which will lead to academic success across the curriculum.

At the heart of their learning, children will develop an understanding of the core values and Jesuit Pupil Profiles that we believe in, core values that are the cornerstones of respectful, global citizens. Our caring culture will underpin the ethos of the school which will be spread widely through our community by promoting our core values. Children will be equipped with a range of strategies that enable them to access their learning in a variety of ways in order to overcome barriers to learning and achieve success.



Enquiry Units


Enquiry Units are set by teachers each term, detailing the class focus for the months ahead.  Please click on the links below for current class units of work. 

Please click on any of the links below to find out further information about our curriculum approaches and visit the Maths, English and Science website for resources and assessments.

To access your child's national curriculum expectations, please click on the appropriate Key Stage below.

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What is going well and ideas for improvements 2019-20:



What is going well?

  • Collective Worship - a strength in our school
  • Following of the Jesuit Virtues - children have a growing understanding of them 
  • Multicultural Week
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Minnie Vinnies - supporting local and international charities -Sower Magazine coverage, Singing at Westminster Cathedral
  • Visitors from CAFOD/Parish Priest

Next Steps

  • Introduce the new RSE Programme
  • Parent workshop on resources (RSE)
  • Continue to develop children's knowledge and understanding of vocation
  • Invite more faiths to share during Multi-Cultural Week
  • Have themed faith days
  • Monitor and evaluate RE lessons 
  • Continue to develop the Jesuit Virtues 



What is going well?

  • Writing has improved over the past year - children are being challenged and there are more opportunities for extended writing which is cross curricular 
  • Key skills have been targeted such as spelling and punctuation
  • Targeted guided reading sessions are supporting children in inference and deduction skills
  • Project X has supported children in improving reading and phonics
  • Targeted phonics groups to improve phonics outcomes
  • Next Steps 
  • Book groups
  • More use of film and other media as a stimuli 
  • Extend library visit to KS1
  • Targeted handwriting groups
  • Individualised Writing and Reading Targets for each pupil to raise the attainment of all
  • Target boys reading across the school


What is going well?

  • More of a consistent approach to the teaching of Big Maths across the school 
  • Baseline assessments in September give teachers ideas on gaps and how to accelerate learning
  • Key skills are taught systematically 
  • Parent Workshops planned throughout the year
  • Questionnaires sent home re Schofield and Sims Maths Practice booklets (very positive response)
  • Half termly assessments to support TA progress data
  • Study group for Year 6 to support teaching
  •  IPads to support teaching and learning of Mathematics are being used
  • Levels of challenge set within lesson raise expectations  
  • Next Steps
  • Whole school push on times tables - timed IT tests
  • Regular time to practice skills in different situations (cross curricular, problem solving etc)
  • Introduction of Maths Mastery
  • Parental engagement through workshops


What is going well?

  • Science week - planned by science co-coordinator and supported by Eucalyptus class
  • Introduction of Science Ambassadors - action planning for them to follow
  • Science coordinator seeing good practice across the school
  • Resources for science are good
  • STEM activities planned for KS2 
  • CPD to lead and manage Science across the school planned
  • Work toward achieving our Primary Science Quality Mark
  • Next Steps
  • Plan for and develop the Science Ambassadors to observe lessons and teach a science club at lunch times
  • Use 3D printers in lessons
  • Plan for more investigatory science - Hands on activities to inspire and motivate
  • More trips to Science providers (London Science Museum for example)
  • A wider range of visitors to school to promote the teaching and learning opportunities for staff and pupils
  • Science CPD for all staff
  • Involve secondary schools to support teaching and learning of science - visits etc

Humanities - Geography and History

What is going well?

  • Topics linked across KS2
  • Field trips to support Geography
  • Theme days linked to topic
  • Museum resources used to support KS1 topics
  • Visitors and trips to local historic areas of interest
  • Comparison of areas
  • How people lived
  • STEM activities - mechanical, time travel - mapping changes over time 
  • Next Steps
  • More of a focus on geography skills and progression across the school
  • More resources procured for geography
  • Themed days - evacuees, bushcraft for survival
  • Field trips linked to geography planned - e.g. rivers, beaches, mountains etc
  • Monitoring of key skills and progression
  • More modern history 


What is going well?

  • iPads used in school
  • Data programming is becoming more widely used across the school
  • Laptops and tablets used to support learning
  • Next Steps
  • More use of data monitoring equipment across the school
  • More opportunities to use the computer to present work in various formats
  • Monitoring of subject area
  • Teaching children across the school to use software on the computer - such as Excel, PowerPoint effectively
  • CEOP Ambassador - CPD for Staff and Children
  • Monitoring of progression across the school
  • Use of 3D Printers to support learning 

The Arts - Music, Art and D&T

What is going well?

  • Children have opportunities to use various mediums to present and look at art
  • Children have opportunities to design, plan and build various objects linked to their topics both at home and in school
  • STEM activities through topic
  • Cooking is becoming embedded across the school 
  • An audit of provision at school to ensure curriculum can be taught effectively 
  • Opportunities to take part in the iRock band
  • A more comprehensive approach to music across the school 
  • Next Steps
  • More opportunities for children to produce their own music
  • Instruments across the school each child to learn an instrument
  • More visiting musicians 
  • Music being taught by specialist internal teacher
  • More CPD planned for D&T to ensure key skills, knowledge and understanding are covered (teacher delivering teaching)
  • Plan towards a DT Mark for school
  • More trips to support the arts in school 
  • Mapping progression of key skills across the school for Cooking
  • Monitoring of subject area


What is going well?

  • PE is a strength in our school
  • Children have many opportunities to develop skills across many sporting activities
  • Playground Leaders in Year 5
  • Young Sports Leaders training
  • Cross school competitions
  • Sports Day
  • Extra Curricular activities include Dance, Gymnastics, Football and Tag Rugby
  • PE Curriculum maintained - Real PE
  • Next Steps
  • Opportunities for sports coaches to provide specific sports coaching
  • Funding available for PP children to access after school sporting activities
  • Introduction of Real Legacy - parental engagement in PE
  • Monitoring of subject area

Cooking Progression Skills

Music Progression - Getting Children on the Stave...