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The aliens have landed!                                                                Their blood is liquid helium.
It’s distressing, but they’re here.                                                 Their eyes are made of granite.
They piloted their flying saucer                                                  Their breath exudes the stench of foods.
through our atmosphere.                                                              from some unearthly planet.

They landed like a meteor                                                           And if you want to see these
engulfed in smoke and flame.                                                     sickly, unattractive creatures,
Then out they climbed immersed in slime                                you’ll find them working in your school;
and burbled as they came.                                                           They all got jobs as teachers!

Their hands are greasy tentacles.                                                   --Kenn Nesbitt
Their heads are weird machines.
Their bodies look like cauliflower
and smell like dead sardines.

Below is a very cool way to make an alien out of playdough.  Can you make your own?

Year One spelling support

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Below is a very interesting way to draw an alien.  Can you make one of these or even one of your own?

Advice for parents on the Year 1 Phonics Screening test

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Below is a a way to make simple playdough if you want to make some of your own to build aliens.