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Mrs Amanda Cross

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Service Children


MOD Service Family Support


With RAF Brize Norton only a short distance from our school, some of our pupils are from Service families.

As a school we have have become increasingly aware of particular pressures that may affect children from Service families due to postings and deployments. In order to help children and their families cope with these additional pressures, we have put certain measures in place partly funded by the additional Service Family Pupil Premium the school currently receives.

We have a dedicated team of staff to support our forces families.  Staff are in contact with various support agencies and run a club for forces families and their friends.  We have very close links with RAF Brize Norton and often visit for extra curricular activities.  Pupils feel well supported on arrival and soon make good friends and are fully engaged with the life of our busy little school.

There are special events that pupils from forces families attend - like the Forces Family Fun Days and trips to Kassam Stadium for the Annual Forces Briefing.  We are working with Commando Joes who promote resilience and problem solving skills through top secret 'missions'.

If you have any specific family circumstances, such as a parent being deployed, returning, posted or anything of concern, please contact the School Office so that we can support your children through any difficult or changing times.  

Service Pupil Champion 

Mrs Lisa Smith

Supported by Mrs Louise Griffiths

Service Children's Progression Alliance

A really useful site for educators and parents to support service pupils. Please click the link below to find out more!


OCC Promise to Service Pupils


For the run up to Armed Forces Day - the children overcame challenges with activities delivered by Commando Joes.  They had to transport precious cargo over a infested landscape to safely deliver it to the sea.  Our youngest pupils had to feed the teddy bear by navigating dangerous stepping stones....

FORCES CLUB - Every Wednesday Lunchtime


Life in the RAF can present individuals and families with tough challenges and the PS&SWS RAF is here to provide support to RAF and their dependants whether they are at home, on detachment in the UK or in an operational environment.

If you or your family require emotional or practical support, or just someone to with the time to listen in confidence, then please contact us.

We offer an all embracing personnel support and social work service to the whole of the RAF community dealing with a broad range of welfare support issues as identified below:

-          Family relationships / personal difficulties

-          Stress / anxiety / depression

-          Bereavement and loss

-          Housing issues

-          Childcare issues

-          Debt, financial issues

-          Illness and disability

-          Long-term sickness absence management


SSAFA – RAF Brize Norton

Personal & Family Support Workers

T: 01993 841497 or 01993895434

Mil: 95461 7251 or 95461 5494

Out of Hours No: 02074639358

Ms MacLennan and staff created an obstacle course for our pupils to navigate!  Great fun was had by all!!

Support for Young People and Children


April - Month of the Military Child

This afternoon we had an assembly to celebrate our military children here at St Joseph's.  Children shared their experiences of what it was like to be a military child, the different places and countries that they have lived in, how hard it can be when a parent gets deployed and the friends and family that they miss. We celebrated their strength, resilience and determination and thanked them for being part of our school family!

We shared the Dandelion poem with the children and talked about why we wore purple today (combination of the colours of the RAF, Navy and Army)

Dandelion Poem - Little Troopers

Check out the local information for our serving families below

Holidays in Term Time

Taking holidays in term time is not authorised by the Head Teacher unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances would include absences from school for Service Family children relating to R & R or a short holiday during post-operational leave (normally a maximum of a week after a 6 month tour) if these fall outside normal school holidays. Such circumstances need to be confirmed in writing from the parents Senior Officer.

With school holidays for all pupils totalling 14 weeks per year, it is to be hoped that much post-operational leave will coincide with some school holidays.

We would also like to ensure that we have prior knowledge of  deployment so that we can best support your child in school - please complete the deployment paperwork here.

Please return it to school so that we can put support in for your child/ren as soon as we can.


Little Troopers website:

Little Troopers is a registered charity supporting all children with one or both parents serving in our British Armed Forces (regular or reserve). These children face unique daily challenges due to their parents career choice especially when they experience repeated separation of varying lengths of time from their serving parent(s) due to exercises and operations plus moving home and school frequently due to service requirements.

(Taken from Little Troopers website)

Parent Guide to support emotional stability for all

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