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School Meal & Payments

Food from home 

If your child will be bringing packed lunches into school please ensure that they are healthy foods and snacks, please visit this site for some wonderful, healthy ideas:

Lunches and snacks are not permitted to include fizzy drinks or sweets.  The school wishes to support families in providing a balanced diet for their children, there is useful information for parents on Children’s Food Trust website.

Morning Break

Many children like to bring a snack to school to eat at morning break. All children in Key Stage One are provided with a free piece of fruit each morning through a government scheme. We strongly recommend that parents provide Key Stage Two children with a healthy snack for their break.


How much are meals?
Lunches are £2.20 per meal per day
Does my child have to have a school meal every day?
No, you can pick any days of the week and you may change how many days and which days each week too.
When should I pay?
Payment must be made on a Monday morning, in advance of meals being taken.
Should I just pay for one week?
You can pay on a Monday for the week ahead or in advance to the end of the month. You can speak to the office at any time to check your balance.
How should I pay?
Please make payment via the School Gateway. The first payment made, will need to be made via a computer not the app. If you need any assistance, then please contact the school office. 
How do you know what choice my child wants?
You can choose which meals your child would like via School Gateway. If you have not selected a meal for your child, they will be asked during registration for their choice. If you have booked your child a school lunch and would like to cancel it, then please speak to the office. We will order your child a lunch if you have booked one online.