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Please click on the links below for our Newsletters and recently issued letters home.  We issue a weekly Newsletter and also send text message communication where possible.

We would like to send letters and Newsletters via email.  Please send an email to the School Administrator, to receive these.  At present we are only sending the weekly Newsletter via email and this can be sent to more than one parent if required.  We will let you know when we start a pilot for emailing other letters.

Letters Home

Eucalyptus Curriculum Letter Term 5 & 6 Eucalyptus class only

Chestnut Curriculum Letter Term 5 & 6 Chestnut class only

Oak Curriculum Letter Term 5 & 6 Oak class on

Birch Class Curriculum Letter Term 5 & 6 Birch class only

Maple Class Curriculum Letter Term 5 & 6 Maple class only

Elm Class Curriculum Letter Term 5 & 6 Elm class only

Summer Whole school

Year 3 and 4 Tennis Tournament 09.05.19 Selected team only

Leavers Hoodies 2019 Adult Size Selected pupils only

Leavers Hoodies 2019 Youth Size Selected pupils only

STARS Research Opt Out Elm class only

Year 2 mini olympics 02.05.19 Year 2 only

Year Six Maths Booster Sessions 2019 Selected pupils only

Parents Evening for Eucalyptus April 2019 Year 6 only

St Joseph's Carterton Section 48 Report 7.2.19 Whole school

Y1 Dance Festival 25.04.19 Year 1 only

Mini Vinnies Mass 11.06.19 Mini Vinnies Only

KS1 Booster Sessions April 2019 Selected pupils only

Year Six Hoodies 2019 Year 6 only

Cycling training May 2019 Year 6 only

Boccia Finals 03.04.19 Selected team only

Town Hall Visit 21.03.19 Selected pupils only

U9 and U11 Tag Rugby 27.03.19 Selected team only

Easter Letter Whole school

Science Workshop at CCC 12.03.19 Year 5 only

Science Week 2019 Whole school excluding Elm

Gym extra session 18.03.19 Selected team only

U11 Football Tournament 13.03.19 Selected team only

Half term letter 2019 Whole school

Parents evening March 2019 Whole school

Gymnastics 21.03.19 Selected team only

Number day parents letter 01.02.19 Whole school

Boccia 31.01.19 Selected team only

Indoor Athletics 29.01.19 Selected team only

Year 3 multi skills 16.01.19 Year 3 only

Height and Weight Leaflet Reception and Year 6

Height and Weight for Reception and Year 6 Reception and Year 6 only

Christmas Letter 2018 Whole school

DBMAC Advent Mass 12.12.18 Whole school

Permission to Watch Wonder Year 6 only

KS2 Christmas production 2018 Key stage 2 only

KS1 Christmas Production 2018 Key stage 1 only

Elm Class Visit to Asda 03.12.18 Elm class only

Lantern Parade 30.11.18 Oak class only

Primary SHN Team Newsletter Term 2 2018 Whole school

Mini Vinnies Christmas Bazaar Selected pupils only

Cirencester Museum 20.11.18 Year 3, 4 and 5 only

U9 Basketball Festival 22.11.18 Selected pupils only

Starting Primary School Leaflet for Reception Children Reception only

Y4 Dance Festival 13.11.18 Year 4 only

Parent Governor Election Whole school

Church Service 12.11.18 Whole school

Cycling interest for 2019 Year 6 only

Hockey Tournament 06.11.18 Selected pupils only

Swimming 2018 Selected students only

End of Autumn Term 2018 Whole school

St Jo's Free Trial Day Whole school

Cross Country 18.10.18 Selected pupils only

Parents evening Oct 2018 Whole school

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Carterton 10056275 Whole school

HMI Letter Whole school

Communication Letter to PARENTS October 2018 to parents Whole school

Flu reminder 2018 St Josephs Reception - year 5 only

Primary SHN Team Newsletter Term 1 Oct 2018 Whole school

Year 3 & 4 Football Tournament 10.10.18 Selected pupils only

Residential September 2019 Year 5 only

School Vision Screening 15.11.18 Reception class only

e safety survey Whole school

Year 5 Young Leaders 01.10.18 Year 5 only

Parent Voice Maths Questionnaire 18-19 Whole school

Nurture intervention Selected pupils only

Mini Vinnies Selected pupils only

Birch Class History Workshop 18.09.18 Birch class only



Mrs Skidmore





Dance Club - Sep-Dec 2018 Whole school

Football Sep - Dec 2018 Whole school

Art Club Sep - Dec 2018 Whole school

After school clubs September 2018 Whole school

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